Vancouver Luxury & Supercar Weekend 2015


We had the pleasure of attending the Luxury & Supercar show this past weekend in Vancouver. To some I’m sure it seems like an odd place for mother/daughter beauty and lifestyle bloggers to be hangin’ out. But beauty comes in all forms and this Luxury & Supercar Event had lots of beautiful things to admire. VanDusen Botanical Garden was host to over $200 million dollars worth of luxury and exotic cars, multi-million dollars worth of jewels, fall designer fashion shows and gourmet food & beverages from some of Vancouver’s top chefs and restaurants.

FACT: It’s been said that Vancouver has the most luxury cars per capita in the world.

IMG_4528g2016 Porsche 911 
IMG_4553hDucati Corse

Men who don’t necessarily want to purchase a motorcycle have to at least appreciate this Ducati Corse Motorcycle. Even I can appreciate the beauty of it. Considering back in the day I wanted my now ex-husband to sell his motorcycles.  (sorry ex husband! 😉 )  
I mean, come on, how incredibly cool is this?!

Needs no introduction does it?

IMG_4630hOne of the most recognizable and most famous sports car symbols ever. 

I’ve always thought just the name Maserati was ultra cool. 
Say it slowly… ‘M-A-S-E-R-A-T-I’. 

IMG_1848We be like chillin’ in the VIP section. 

IMG_4645gAn afternoon spent with my son, Nicholas… who said, “No pics please!” (I will have his pics on the blog one day. Can’t stop me!) And with my daughter, Natasha aka co-blogging partner extraordinaire! Luxury sportscars, hot Vancouver weather in September, millions of dollars worth of jewels and cars, fashion shows, drinks and eats during the afternoon. What can be better? 😉


Aston Martin

IMG_4546hIMG_4533hIMG_4624hRolls-Royce Wraith ‘Inspired by Music’ 

IMG_1812gOne of the main attractions was the PAGANI Huayra, meaning ‘God of Wind’.

We’re not trying to pretend we are sports car experts by any stretch of the imagination. Or that we are car enthusiasts who naturally seem to know about all car stats and car jargon.  
But we do have eyes and good great taste. And we know when we see something pretty fantastic looking. 

Fact: The Pugani takes approximately 53 workers 3 months to assemble one car. It has a V12 engine, goes from 0 to 62 mph in 3 seconds and can travel up to 230 mph. All I know is it would be super handy for those times when you need to get there fast. 

You too can own 1 for only $2 million dollars

IMG_4587hgIMG_4591gIMG_4595gIMG_466g01937 Rolls-Royce 

There were soooo many old classic and vintage cars. But this car really caught my attention. I really appreciated the sophistication and beauty of it. 

I have obviously seen vintage and old cars in person, but I have never seen any like this one. In such pristine, spectacular condition. Like it was just built only yesterday. It made me think of all the old movies I’ve seen. I instantly got nostalgic of that era of which I have great admiration for. I could only imagine the stories this car could tell us. It made me wonder about the places it’s been, who drove it, and what they looked like. I pictured women wearing the classic red lipstick, pearl necklaces, gloves and hats. The men in designer suits, fedoras and smoking expensive cigars. So Rita Hayworth and Humphrey Bogart-ish. 

IMG_4670gThis year they featured a pop up jewelry gallery called THE VAULT. It was the largest showcase of its kind in Canada. It included the Global launch of John Rubel along with 100 original vintage pieces by Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Van Cleef & Arpels.

Everything from one of a kind diamonds, rubies and sapphires were shining beautifully on display.
I’ve never been this up close to such stunning, shiny baubles that cost so much. I mean, these jewels were definitely not your run of the mill type that you can buy at the local mall.
Oh, and by the way, they were for sale. But I forgot my black card so…

These little pretties were Natasha’s favourite. She’s not a huge jewelry fanatic but even she was in awe amongst all of the sparkling gems.

This immaculate l’il number is only $850,000.

Now, that beautiful gem of a ring on the far right… yeah… it’s my fave. That’s the kind I want the next time someone proposes to me.
I don’t believe those people who say to me, ‘you can’t have a ring that’s too big for your skinny little fingers dear.’ Ahhh… yes I can.


Natasha asked them what the most expensive piece of jewelry was in the collection. We were expecting him to pull out a stunner of a honking big diamond ring or a real showstopper of a necklace. Instead the  jeweler presented us with this ring. We were kinda shocked that it was so… small.

It has the rarest of rare blue and pink diamonds. He explained that it is almost impossible to find 2 of these particular rare pink diamonds that match. Also the 4 C’s of this ring are the absolute best of the best quality you can possibly find in a diamond. Extremely rare. He told us that the client that will purchase this ring will most likely do so as a collection piece and not as an engagement ring. Collection piece?! I collect perfume bottles and strawberry knick knacks! 

Value of this little beauty… a cool $4 million and some change. Wow.

What goes with luxury sportscars and some of the world’s finest gems? Fashion of course. Oakridge Centre presented numerous fashion shows during the weekend event. Models wore some of the latest and hottest Fall styles from, Marc Jacobs, Judith & Charles, MaxMara, Harry Rosen, Boy’s Co., DKNY, Blubird and Hudson’s Bay.


Luxury & Supercar Weekend Online: Official Site, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Have you visited the Luxury & Supercar Weekend here in Vancouver? Let us know!

Laura & Natasha xo
(written by Laura, photos by Natasha)