Top Self Tanners For Summer 2015

It’s time to get your tan on ladies (and men!). And by tan, obviously we mean the ‘fake’ tan kind. Not the ‘baked’ tan kind! Unless you live under a rock, we all know very well at this point how damaging/dangerous the sun can be for our skin and health. So we won’t even get into all of that right now. Basically, be sun smart. Safety first.

We want to be sun smart but we also want to be ‘Bronzed & Beautiful’ too! Fear not, we can have it all ladies. Yes, we can! It’s time to rock all of those easy breezy summer styles… translation: more skin is going to be exposed, it’s hot in the summer. Them’s the facts. And that’s where self tanning comes in real handy.

We came up with a list of our favourite self tanners that we have actually used during the past couple of years. These ones in particular were chosen based on colour, smell (don’t some of them have the worst odor?!) ease of application, drying time, how long they lasted and consumer reviews (we’re product research junkies!).

1. ST. TROPEZ Tan Bronzing Mousse ($42 – 8 fl oz)

St. Tropez has continued to be one of our favourite go to self tanners for the past few years. It never disappoints and has passed all of our ‘Must Haves’ check list in order to be a true favourite. It is a very light mousse formula which dries extremely fast. Love that! It contains aloe vera which helps hydrate the skin and an aroma elimination technology called Aromaguard. This prevents that awful odor that self tanners are known for by 70%. Halleluiah! Thank you St. Tropez!

The mousse application is basically fool proof, doesn’t streak or turn you that dreaded colour of orange! But really, most self tanners on the market now a days have improved ten fold. They’ve come a long way but we consumers have great memories for terrible things and are still fearful of days gone by when women looked like little orange pumpkins. Not a good look. No need to worry about bad colour with St. Tropez because it develops into a gorgeous golden tan colour within a few hours. I usually only have to reapply St. Tropez every 3-4 days to maintain the colour I prefer.

2. CLARINS Self Tanning Gel ($37 – 125ml)

We have used Clarins Self Tanners for many years. They offer an extensive variety of Self Tanners and we’ve honestly have never been unhappy with any of them. You can choose between various texture preferences such as gel, milk, mousse and liquid.

We are especially partial to this specific gel one because it is light, non-oily and dries faster then the other choices. Most reviews of this Self Tanner have claimed there is no strong self tanner scent after using it. However, I do smell it slightly later after application. But it is very, very faint and it doesn’t deter me from continuing to use it. Perhaps I just have a very sensitive sniffer!

Clarins is known for their products containing plant extracts and the same goes for this product. This helps leave your skin feeling silky smooth after application and as it develops into a tan.

All of the Clarins Self Tanners that we have used have given us the most beautiful, tropical-like, golden tone. Can you say JLo kinda glow!

3. JERGENS Natural Glow ($11.99)

This multiple Award Winning little gem of a product ends up on Top Rated Products Lists over and over. And with good reason. It actually lives up to all of its hype. It now has become a staple in our beauty regime year round.

Natural Glow isn’t sold as a ‘self tanner’ but rather as a gradual glow and moisturizer. But you can actually achieve a deeper colour with continuous use. We always have a Jergens Natural Glow on hand and apply it in between our self tanning days in the summer months. For the winter months we don’t typically self tan all that often so we use Natural Glow daily to get that subtle warm glow. It maintains your colour perfectly, dries quickly, moisturizes and this specific one also firms. Plus the price is totally economical!

This is the perfect product that everyone can feel secure in using to achieve a nice gradual golden glow.
It comes in 2 shades, Fair to Medium and Medium to Tan skin tones.

We have actually talked about Natural Glow before, see here

4. BIODERMA Photoderm Autobronzant Tanning Spray 

This Self Tanning Spray is awesome! It is the ultimate choice for anyone who wants quick, easy and doesn’t want to spend a lot of time self tanning. Plus you get a beautiful sunkissed tan colour at the same time.

We like it because it is an ultra light formula, dries immediately and didn’t leave any lingering tanning odor afterwards.

5L’OREAL PARIS Sublime Bronze Serum

We have used many L’Oreal Sublime Self Tanners through out the years and have always liked them but we were excited to try their new Bronze Serum. This Loreal Sublime Bronze Serum did not disappoint. It is a very light gel texture and dries quickly. We tend to prefer gel like formulas just because the application is always very easy and they dry in no time at all.

Tip: We recommend ALWAYS using a glove to apply self tanners. This helps achieve an overall even distribution effortlessly plus keeps your hands and nails from turning brown.

Self Tanning Tips:

1. It is recommended to do a patch test with your self tanner before starting. 24-48 hours prior.
2. Do all of your grooming first. This includes any waxing (24 hours before), shaving (12 hours before) Self tanners on waxed or shaved skin will irritate and cause redness and stinging/pain.
3. Exfoliate really well. Especially areas like elbows, knees, ankles. Self tanners stick to dry patches and cause blotchiness and an uneven colour.
4.  Moisturize your skin. Focusing more on the drier skin areas as mentioned previously. This prevents    the tanner from sticking to those areas.
5. Use your tanning gloves and apply your Self Tanner starting at the bottom (feet) and working up. Using circular motions with approximately a tsp of tanner at a time. Arms and tops of hands last.
6. Let tanner dry completely. If directions on tanning bottle state 5 minutes, wait 8.
7. Apply talc-free baby powder lightly all over to help set tanner and resist transferring onto clothing.

Happy (Safe) Tanning Beauties!
Laura & Natasha xo
(written by Laura)