Vancouver Christmas Market 2014

IMG_94703You can’t live in Vancouver and not visit the Vancouver Christmas Market during the Holiday season!
We finally had a chance to go there last week. We totally lucked out on the one and only night that we had available and the weather turned out to be absolutely perfect! Not a rain drop to be seen. Couldn’t have planned it better.

German Christmas Markets are a centuries old tradition known as Chriskindlmarkt. These markets have traditionally been a place for the community to gather for Christmas festivities. With everything from food, drink, gifts, baked goods, hand carved gifts to name a few.  It’s the perfect place to go to discover new cuisine and sweets, or to find that rare and special gift for someone. But most importantly it will get you into the total Christmas spirit!

The German Christmas Market concept has become very popular and has now spread worldwide. This is Vancouver’s 5th season of bringing popular German and European traditions here for all of us to experience and enjoy. There are so many things to see, do and experience at the Market. Everything from homemade gifts of jewelry, soap, ceramics, toys, ornaments, Nutcrackers, hats and scarves and so much more. In fact there is so much to see that we are going back again for another evening to check out some of the vendors we didn’t have enough time for. First time we went for the food and drink, next time for some shopping!

We loved it. It was like being in a quaint European Christmas Market without even leaving our city! Fabulous!


We had our pre-selected list of must see vendors… first stop, Traditional Gluhwein. (Aka alcohol.) An obvious first stop priority! Gluhwein is a traditional warm red wine spiced with cinnamon sticks, vanilla, cloves, citrus and sugar. DELICIOUS! Starts the evening off in the most awesome Christmas-y spirit kinda way.
I have to say, by the end of the drink we were feeling all warm and cozy and just a weeee bit merrier. Totally in the Christmas spirit at this point! We highly recommend it. ­čśë

Then we strolled along slightly light headed and found our way to our next pre-determined vendor destination. Stick Stule Pastries aka Stick Style Pastries. Can we just pause for a moment and give thanks for such a delectable, delicious AND organic, delightful piece of pastry heaven. Sigh. 


IMG_9455gAnd here I am stuffing my face with the pastry. I know, I know, not exactly the most flattering picture of a girl slightly tipsy from Gluhwein and devouring the most amazing pastry. I’m just being real people. Just being real.


Then we made our way over to Poffies’ Poffertjes. Funny thing is we had originally planned to stop in at the Black Forest Delicatessen for one of their famous German Bratwurst with baked Sauerkraut. That was technically supposed to be our 2nd stop after the Gluhwein of course. We had it all planned out, the wine, Bratwurst for dinner then the pastries and treats for desserts.
Seemingly after our one mug of warm wine that went straight to our heads, we lost track of all plans. As soon as we seen the sweets all bets were off! How about dinner after dessert? Sure! Who cares! So Poffertjes was next.


The Poffertjes were insanely divine. These delicious little pancakes originated in Holland and Australia. They are a lighter texture miniature pancake served with butter, icing sugar, whipping cream and various fruits if desired.
We’re like ‘Oh. My. Gosh.’ with every single bite.

IMG_9468Live performances of Christmas music nightly. Check here for the schedule of upcoming performances. So much fun!

IMG_9462The Vancouver Christmas Market is open until December 24 daily from 11am – 9pm at the Queen Elizabeth Plaza. If you’re in the city we highly recommend visiting. It’s definitely a highlight of the Christmas season here in Vancouver.

Happy Holidays!
Laura & Natasha xo