Vancouver Folk Music Festival 2015


We had the pleasure of covering the 38th Annual VANCOUVER FOLK MUSIC FESTIVAL this year. The Festival is a 3 day affair but due to our schedule we chose to attend Friday only. There were so many amazing artists that we would’ve absolutely loved to see perform and hopefully we will soon get the opportunity! (See a few of our previous artist picks here).

There were specific artists that we had always wanted to see and 2 of them performed Friday so that was our deciding factor. One of the bands was local Vancouver favourite, Said The Whale. The other was Ontario’s talented Hawksley Workman.


First let’s talk food! There are so many great food trucks at the Folk Fest. We always have a hard time deciding just what to get. This is what we chose at this year’s festival: 

Sweet & Spicy Chicken Karaage from MOGU – I tried the Chicken Karaage at last year’s Folk Fest for the first time and liked it so much that I chose it again this year. I know, super boring getting the exact same thing again but it really is that good! I couldn’t resist. 

Marinated deep fried chicken with house made sweet chili sauce. Mmmm! – Natasha

Sugar & Cinnamon Whales Tails Fry Bread from Whales Tails – We had to try one of these Whales Tails we’ve always heard about. It is a delicious fried bread with your choice of numerous topping such as jam, chocolate sauce, herb and garlic, pizza. We chose to go the sweet route (obvs) and had the cinnamon and sugar topping. Delicious! – Laura

Taste of Thailand  Curry Chicken

New Folk Fest Food vendor this yearEarnest Ice Cream. A favourite here in Vancity – Hand-crafted ice cream available in a variety of delicious flavours.


The first act that we had the pleasure of photographing on the Main Stage was Said The Whale.

Debuting in 2007 and winning a Juno Award in 2011 for New Group Of The Year they have continued to top charts nationally. We have seen Said The Whale perform previously and they always put on a great live show!

BEN WORCESTER (Said The Whale) – Vocals, Guitar
NATHAN SHAW (Said The Whale) – Bass
JAYCELYN BROWN (Said The Whale) – Keyboards

Juno Award Winner HAWKSLEY WORKMAN has been a pioneer in the Canadian music scene for the past 16 years. He began his career as a drummer and went on to become a multi-instrumentalist and talented creator who is known to write, record and master his albums in literally weeks. Workman is an eccentric Artist who doesn’t seem to fit into any one specific music category. Fifteen studio albums and countless hits, Hawksley’s vast roster of music ranges from rock and roll, glam rock, pop, soul and everything in between.

Hawksley has also produced albums for a number of talented Canadian artists such as Tegan & Sara, Sarah Slean, Hey Rosetta!, Serena Ryder, Jeremy Fisher & Great Big Sea.


Workman opened his set with 2001 mega-hit ‘Your Beauty Must Be Rubbing Off”, followed by a variety of newer songs (Make Up Your Mind Tonight, Don’t Take Yourself Away (Instant Nostalgia), Teenage Cats & We’re Not Broken Yet) off his latest 2015 studio release ‘Old Cheetah‘.

We’ve been wanting to see him perform live for a very long time. So we were insanely excited that he included some earlier hits like Jealous Of Your Cigarette & Oh You Delicate Heart in the set. 

They finished their show on an exhilarating high when Hawksley jumped behind the drum set and closed with the smouldering hit Smoke BabyWe. Loved. It!


This photo of me with one of my paintings may seem completely random… but trust me, there’s a method to my madness. Most of the time.

Hawksley surprised the crowd when he brought out members of his band Mounties to perform a couple of songs with him. Mounties are a Canadian Indie Rock ‘Super Group’ consisting of Hawksley Workman on drums, Steve Bays of Hot Hot Heat and Ryan Dalhe of Limblifter.
We were thrilled when they performed their hit ‘Tokyo Summer’ as it’s one of our favourites. Such an unexpected treat!

Last Summer 2014, when I was preparing for my first ever Art Exhibition I was completely inspired by music and listened to music constantly while working on my paintings. Natasha creates the best playlists (ever!) and one of the songs that was on that playlist was Tokyo Summer by Mounties. That song inspired this painting (pictured above) which I aptly named Tokyo Summer.


Some of our favourite Hawksley Workman songs to get you hooked:
(Click here to watch Hawksley’s official music videos)

Natasha’s Picks: When You Gonna Flower, Piano Blink, Stop Joking Around, September Lily, We Will Still Need A Song, Depress My Hangover Sunday

Laura’s Picks: Striptease, Smoke Baby, Make Up Your Mind Tonight, Anger As Beauty, Jealous Of Your Cigarette


Vancouver Folk Music Festival Online: Official Site, Twitter, Facebook

What do you most look forward to at the Van Folk Fest? Let us know!

Happy Festival Season!
Laura & Natasha xo

Vancouver Folk Music Festival – July 18, 2014

IMG_643f6hj62014 marked the 37th year of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival.
If you have never been to the Folk Festival before, let us break it down for you. It is a 3 day music festival filled with multiple stages and amazing live bands from all over the world performing at any given time. There is a whole section of delicious food trucks sure to satisfy even the ‘foo-foo-iest’ of foodie’s. A Folk Bazaar where you can find the most unique treasures. Beautiful, happy, smiling people everywhere you look. AND, last but certainly not least – the event takes place on Jericho Beach Park overlooking the water and mountains. The scenery and natural beauty alone is breathtaking. 

Combine all that goodness together and you get the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. It’s not hard to see why it is a favourite among Vancouverites. 

The Festival was jam packed with talented performers throughout the entire weekend. The lineup included Great Lake Swimmers, Wintersleep, Andrew Bird, Brasstronaut, Born Ruffians, Amos Lee, Mary Lambert and many more. 

GreatLakeSwimmersvanfolkWe were extremely fortunate to have photo pit access at the front of the stage to capture some close up shots of Canadian-favourites, Great Lake Swimmers. We are big fans of their music and have seen them perform a few times over the years. The song that they opened their set with ‘Think That You Might Be Wrong’ is coincidentally my all-time favourite song of theirs. It was literally a dream come true getting the chance to photograph them while listening to that particular tune. Definitely a festival highlight for us. (– Natasha)

IMG_645d7b(Pictured above) The talented Miranda Mulholland on violin and vocals.

FolkFestIMG_650f0hg3Tony Dekker – Lead singer/Songwriter/Guitarist. 


I don’t know about you, but when we get to an outdoor music festival we’re suddenly hungry starving. Upon arrival our first order of business is to check out all of the food trucks. A very critical step in the whole music festival agenda. Where’s the food at and where’s the main stage at. That’s it. Oh, and where’s the potty’s at. All the bases covered, then we’re ready to get to work covering the performances.

Pictured above is a delicious refreshing frozen fresh fruit popsicle from the Mexi Pops food truck. I chose a orange yogurt flavour and Natasha chose a lime flavour. Don’t ask me how, but we were half way through them when I realized I was eating hers and she was eating mine! Doh!


Pictured above is a vintage Volkswagon van that was actually constructed into an IBM bank machine. So cute and creative. Coincidentally our green media bracelets match the van! We had to take a pic of our bracelets because this was our first time being at a Music Festival as media. We were super excited about it!

IMG_113dfd70IMG_1075tytryrtNatasha and I find it challenging to make any swift decisions when it comes to choosing the food when it’s time to order.  It’s completely critical we pick the right food! I’m like, “Oh…You’re actually going to pick that?” and she’s like “Yeah, I heard it’s delicious.”  And right there is the dilemma. If her’s is better than mine and she’s all happy and mumbling how delicious it is, I’ll wish I ordered the same. Not enjoying your meal yet sitting across from someone who is ecstatic about theirs… that’s the worst. 

IMG_6379bb2Natasha was a smart little cookie and ended up doing some prior online research about which food trucks had great reviews. She chose the Chicken Karaage (pictured above) from the popular Mogu Food Truck and she loved it!

IMG_638g24rAnd I chose the Ham & Pineapple pizza from Urban Wood Fired PizzaYes, perhaps a little predictable for me considering all of the other food truck choices available.  However, it was made fresh right that minute and cooked in an open fire sooo… I’m not completely boring. haha! I loved it.

VanFolkFestPhotographer #1, Natasha.

IMG_6544jPhotographer #2, Laura.

IMG_6532f6There was approximately 30,000 people expected to show up for the 3 day event.

folkfest3Another one of our favourite things about going to outdoor music festivals is the markets. Lots of different and unique goodies to discover. Gorgeous jewelery, blankets, leather bags, scarves, dresses, hoola hoops and so much more. We ended up purchasing a few different necklaces and earrings from the market – we just couldn’t resist!

IMG_6371fhThis photo was taken early on Friday night. A large crowd had already formed in front of the Main Stage, waiting to see the main acts perform.

IMG_11628I don’t think there is anything better then being on the beach, in Vancouver, in the summer and listening to some great live music! It’s like heaven. This picture was taken at the end of the evening. You can see some of the city lights to the right, mountains all around and the sailboats in the water.  This is exactly what Vancouver is all about and why it is rated one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Vancouver Folk Music Festival Online: Official Site, Twitter, Facebook.
Great Lake Swimmers Online: Official Site, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube.

Thank you to Gwen Kallio & the Vancouver Folk Music Festival for the incredible night of music. #VFMF2014

Laura & Natasha xo