The Top 10 Nail Polish Shades For Spring 2014

nailpolish1. Deborah Lippmann Glitter in Happy Birthday Sparkle
2. Maybelline Color Show Holographic Collection in Blue Blaze
3. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Sunkissed
4. Loreal Polish in #108 New Money
5. Butter Polish  in Kerfuffle
6. Chanel in Beige
7. Dior Polish in #777 Bloom
8. Essie Polish in Plucky Pistacho Shimmer
9. Sally Hansen Triple Shine in #510 Sea Through
10. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Poppin’ Paprika

The warm weather is here ladies! I, for one could not be happier!
Bring on the sunshine, warm weather, bright coloured skirts and dresses, and one of my favourite summer items, flip flops. I know, I know… not exactly the uptown girl look but I’ll tell you what, for summer daytime casual while running out to the park or for a quick coffee… they rock.
Plus, wearing flip flops and sandals gives us girls a reason to keep our toes perfectly pedicured and painted with all of the new fun, cheery spring/summer polish collections!

I don’t know about you but a girl can never have too many bottles of nail polish. I mean really. There are just so many brands and colour selections to choose from. Anndd, they’re all so very, very pretty. 
We haven’t counted our nail polish collection as of late (too scared to face the truth). 
But the last time we did count them, our Essie collection alone was at 30 bottles. Say what?! We can’t help it.
I look at it as giving yourself a wee l’il treat. You know, a little pick me up when you’ve had one of those really bad days. I further justify that reasoning with convincing myself that it’s a new bottle of polish or a new pair of shoes!
What’s it gonna be Laura? Choices. It’s all about choices.

Nails are still all the rage and that includes painted toes. Especially in the sunny, bare footin’ months of the year.
So of course we just had to be in the know of all the Spring nail colour collections. We got down to some serious nail polish business.

We searched all of our fave nail polish brands, checked out our essential top beauty bibles magazines for their picks, put it all together and made our own list of  the hottest nail colours for Spring 2014!
The top colour choices include a variety of rich bold fuchsia’s, all shades of blue, shimmers and glitters galore, soft mints, tropical brights, blushing nudes, metallics and stunning reds.
All of the colours we selected are from each company’s new spring collections.

Enjoy! Let us know what your spring fave’s are!

Laura & Natasha xo

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