Top 10 Easy Spring Decor Ideas

goodWe are officially well into Spring! Let the birds sing and the sun shine!
Here in beautiful Vancouver we’ve been having some really rainy days lately. But I don’t care! I’m ignoring it and just waiting for that beautiful weather to get here and stay here. I know it’s coming.  
If you’re not from Vancouver you’ve probably at least heard that it rains here. Alot. But, I have to say, us Vancouverites still love our amazing city and all it takes is one sunny day and we forget all about the crappy rainy ones we just had.

Don’t you find when the warm season is finally here you kinda get that, what is it called? Cabin fever? I think that’s what my mom calls it. Where you feel refreshed and wanna clean all of your windows because now that the sun is shining you can see all of the streaks from the winter months. Yeah.. that part’s not exactly fun.
But you know what is fun? Finding inexpensive ways to bring the Spring indoors and add a breath of fresh air to your home. We made a list of easy decorating pick me ups for your home that doesn’t require calling the painters or removing any walls! 

1. New Decorative Throw Pillows (by INC International Concept)
This is probably my favourite ‘easy decorating‘ thing to do during all seasons. It can change the look of your living room instantly. Nothing like adding some fresh and bright throw pillows in the spring to give a boring room some renewed life.

2. New Organic Throw
I know most people are putting their ‘throw blankets’ away after winter. While this is probably the norm, at our house Natasha and I are like little ol’ grannies when it comes to our couch throws. We have different throws for different seasons. Even pretty light textured ones for each of us during the summer… 2 girls, 2 couches, uh yeah. Ohmigod! I mean really. Why do we even need a throw in the spring and summer? Habit, security blanket, weird much? I don’t know. But we love them!

3. Fresh Scented Candles (by Kate Spade)
This is the best way to make your whole house smell marvelous during any season! Light scents burning during the spring evenings. Beautiful candles are an easy treat and an inexpensive way to give radiance to a room. I think at our house we burn at least 4 tealight candles a night. Every single night of the year. 

4. New Glassware (by Martha Stewart)
These solid pink antique inspired cocktail glasses would add that BAM to any gathering! Love them!

5. New Kitchen Counter Accessories
How much do we adore this canister??? This little beauty Fiesta-ware is a great statement piece to add in your kitchen. It’s bold and bright plus functional too! Not only will it add a pizzaz of beautiful colour to your counter you can also store whatever you use often inside. Flour, sugar or cookies etc.

6. New Art Pieces (Like this textured flower painting by Laura of Rose & Lea – $400)
Look for these paintings and many more coming soon to our new Rose & Lea Etsy Shop. We will be featuring numerous paintings and lots of handmade goodies by Laura & Natasha
Art work is a fantastic way to change a whole wall and room without going through all of the hassle of painting. 

7. New Vase (by Kate Spade New York)
This is a no brainer. A new vase can do wonders to a room. It’s interesting, different, adorable. Imagine when it’s filled with bright beautiful flowers sitting on your table! 

8. Floral Dinnerware (by Martha Stewart)
The biggest trend in houseware this season is floral prints. Big, bold floral prints. We love this dishware that is mix and match. It adds so much interest to the table without any huge effort. So pretty. 

9. Bathroom Accessories (by Kassatex ‘Garden Party’)
Yes, this is bathroom decor. Bathrooms need our decor love too. And yes. Floral again. But I couldn’t resist. Just look at how pretty this set is. Talk about how cute this would look in the bathroom. Instant Spring update. You’re welcome.

10. Floral Table Cloth
Want to create a beautiful room instantly for a dinner party or luncheon? It doesn’t even have to be for an ‘occasion’! It could be for a ‘just because’ dinner with the family. Table clothes in beautiful floral prints add instant happiness to a table setting. Now you may notice that I have also included floral dinnerware in this list. Obviously I would not pair the 2 together. It would definitely be the tablecloth or the dishware. Not both. 

Happy Spring Decorating!
Laura & Natasha xo

(written by Laura)

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