Top Makeup Looks for Spring 2014

makeupcollageI get excited each and every season to see what the cosmetic companies will come out with. Of course there’s always the limited edition collections, which is exactly what product junkies (like myself) look forward to the most!
It’s fun to see the new colours and different trends for that season. Also when one season ends I am completely ready to change up my makeup colours and get on over to the new season’s colours.

I have worked as a makeup artist and in the cosmetic industry my whole adult life so I’m no stranger to makeup.
However,  I find it interesting that the cosmetic advertising that is displayed each season, year after year tells us women that there are specific colours and trends that are ‘in’.

And well, you better get on board and follow them too or I guess you’ll be sooo last season or worse… so last year!  And nobody wants that. Do you? God forbid, me neither!

But what’s funny about that is, in reality anything goes, anytime of the year. Obviously some colour choices naturally change according to the seasons… usually bright cheerier colours in the spring and summer, and more subdued stronger colours in the fall and the winter. That’s been the same since… like forever.

When I was making this list for the latest makeup trends and colours for spring I referred to numerous cosmetic brands, designer fashion show spring collections, top beauty magazines and my own personal view of what’s showing up in the stores.

And I had to laugh a little, like, laugh out loud… or ‘LoL’ if I’m gonna be all up in the current lingo!

From one fashion show to the next, some of the greatest Fashion Designers such as Donna Karen, Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors to mention just a few, all had very different makeup trends dominate their shows. 
So basically, anything goes! One designer is saying bold blue eyeshadow is in, another says a strong gold shadow is where it’s at baby! Yet another designer said healthy glowing skin is the look. Hasn’t healthy looking skin been something we want always? Not just for the current season?

It’s like I’ve told my clients for years, anything goes, whatever your little heart desires.
An amazing makeup artist who trained me years ago said a good rule of thumb is if you completely love a colour and your eye keeps going to the same one, typically more often then not, that’s the one that’s going to be your best choice. Makes sense.

Now of course there are going to be those specific colours and tones that will work the best and accentuate your eye colour the most. But if you feel like being a lil’ daring & different and want to try that new bold, bright ‘it’ colour, step out of your usual comfort colour zone then go for it!  My philosophy is, anyone can wear any colour if applied correctly and in good taste. Experiment with it and adjust accordingly. Instead of that bold bright neon green that happens to be the ‘it’ shade this season, pick one that is perhaps toned down with a hint of cream or gold in it. Trick is choose what suits you best. 

I say live a little. It’s only makeup people, have fun with it!

This is the list I came up with that seemed to be the most reoccurring trends in all of the sources I researched.

1. Annabelle Kohl Eyeliner in White
The LookLight & Airy With White Eyeliner and a light dusting of white eye shadow
People underestimate this line all of the time. It is a Canadian company, the prices are low and the quality is actually very good. I also use and recommend their Black Waterproof Smoothliner eye pencil. It’s under $10 and is always on makeup artists lists of great must have eyeliners. 
 Tip: Sometimes when I’m working with white eyeliner I like to apply a thin line of black eyeliner close to the lash line then apply the white liner above it or slightly ontop of the black liner. Depending on your eye colour, skin shade etc, it makes a difference on how to wear white liner and pull it off nicely. Myself being fair and blue eyed I need to use the black then the white. Just using a white liner on my eyes it isn’t enough. My eyes disappear and makes me look more ghostly then anything. I don’t think looking ‘ghostly’ has ever been in?

2. Mac Highly Pigmented Eyeshadow in Goldmine
The Look Gilded Lids
This is an excellent eyeshadow with very strong pigments which I love when you want a bold eye.
Tip: remember to always use a eyelid primer before applying your eyes shadows. Your eye shadow colour goes on easier and lasts longer. Prevents creasing. Nothing worse then wearing a beautiful heavy smokey eye and it creases!

3. Benefit Sunbeam Highlighter in Sunbeam  
The Look –  Healthy Glowy Skin
Tip: The main way to get healthy glowing skin is ultimately by taking real good care of it before the makeup goes on daily! A good face wash, toner and moisturizer is key! Then apply all of the highlighter you want. I guarantee you won’t need near as much highlighter to achieve that JLO glow if you take care of your skin first and foremost! 

4. Essence Eyeshadow in Mint Candy #73 New!  
The LookA Pop Of Green
: Choose a green that suits your taste. There are numerous beautiful shades of green to choose from.

5. Maybelline Colour Sensational Vivids Lipstick in Electric Orange
The LookExotic Bold Orange Lips
Tip: Choose an orange according to your tone and your preference. There are many different colour blends of orange such as orangey-pink, orangey-coral etc. Try mixing the bold orange with your favourite light or darker pink shades to create your own original version!

6. Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr Cream Eyeshadow in Tenacious Teal 
The LookBold Blues
 I don’t want to go back into the 80’s blue eyeshadow era (or do I?)  but I have to admit… I’m a l’il bit excited to wear blue! Yayy!
Tip: Choose a version of blue most suited for you. I chose the teal as it is a very universal hue of blue. Be bold and have fun with it!

7. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Intense Black
The LookThe Classic Cat Eye
This look is flattering for everyone. Opens the eyes and makes them appear bigger.
Tip: There are many options of the cat eye for different shaped eyes. You can do a thicker line, a thin line, winged out as far and as slanted as you feel comfortable with.
Also try the cat eye in different liquid liner colours to add more drama. Keep the eye shadow to a neutral for more effect.

                                                                     The Cat Eye is a Sexy eye! Think Brigitte Bardot                                                          bridget_bardot_600_blue_headband          
Remember, don’t be scared to step out of your comfort zone of colour choices and experiment! Have fun with colour!

Til next time!
Laura xo

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  1. Pretty much nice post! I’ve enjoyed? Thinking to get some “Benefit” to make my spring a bit more bright!

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